First of what might be many or few….

A few days ago I was sat thinking about turning 40 (I’m not 39 yet… October 18th), in fact I was thinking it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was dreading turning 30! Where have the years gone?

Now this blog or whatever it is will be full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors to which I think, tough! Life is certainly too short for me to worry about trying to correct them and I’m far too lazy to actually find out.

Back to my list, I put an idea plea on Facebook and as I thought I had some great and crazy responses 😂 That has made me realise that my list needs to be realistic, doable and not break the bank.

A very good friend who inspired me to actually do this list asked a very good question too. ‘Can they be things we’ve already done?’ I totally think so, especially if they’ve been something that you’ve always wanted to do. My number one on my list will be Stone Henge. A magical place I’ve always wanted to see and I’ve just come back from visiting there with my family ❤

Off I go to compile this list of 40 things I’d like to accomplish before I’m 40.

Stay safe

Nicole ❤